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Plenary talks

Yves André (Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France)
Title: On slope filtrations, Abstract   Talk

Louis Boutet de Monvel (Inst. Math. de Jussieu, Paris, France)
Title: Asymptotic equivariant index of Toeplitz operators, Abstract   Talk

Felipe Cano (Univ. de Valladolid, Spain)
Title: Local Uniformization of Vector Fields, Abstract

Lucia Caporaso (Univ. di Roma III, Italy)
Title: Brill-Noether theory of stable curves, Abstract

Eduardo Cattani (Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA)
Title: Mixed Lefschetz Theorems and Hodge Riemann Bilinear Relations: Geometry and Combinatorics, Abstract   Talk

Xavier Gomez Mont (CIMAT, Guanajuato, México)
Title: Invariants of Singular Varieties using Indices of Vector Fields, Abstract   Talk

Olivier Mathieu (Univ. de Lyon, France)
Title: On varieties determined by their jets, Abstract

Rick Miranda (Colorado State Univ., Fort Collins, USA)
Title: Degenerations and applications to interpolation problems. Talk

Arturo Pianzola (Univ. of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada and IAM-CONICET, Argentina)
Title: Descent constructions in infinite dimensional Lie theory.

Ramadas Ramakrishnan Trivandrum (ICTP, Trieste, Italy)
Title: A gauge-theoretic approach to the Hodge conjecture for certain abelian four-folds.

Claude Sabbah (Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, France)
Title: Generalized Hodge theory, Abstract   Talk

Pierre Schapira (Inst. Math. de Jussieu, Paris, France)
Title: Deformation-quantization modules on complex Poisson manifolds, Abstract   Talk

Wilfried Schmid (Harvard Univ., Boston, USA)
Title: Canonical filtrations on Harish Chandra modules.

Dennis Sullivan (CUNY/SUNY, New York, USA)
Title: Lie bialgebras and moduli of Riemann surfaces interacting with the topology of manifolds.

Juan Tirao (Univ. de Córdoba and CONICET, Argentina)
Title: Algebras of matrix differential operators. Abstract   Talk

Eric Vasserot (Inst. Math. de Jussieu, Paris, France)
Title: MacDonald polynomials and coherent sheaves on elliptic curves, Abstract

Orlando Villamayor (Univ. Autónoma de Madrid, Spain)
Title: Singular Hypersurfaces over fields of positive characteristic, Abstract

Algebraic Geometry session

Carolina Araujo (IMPA, Río de Janeiro, Brazil)
Title: On the cone of pseudo-effective divisors of complex projective, Abstract

Alberto Calabri (Univ. di Padova, Italy)
Title: Double planes of general type with p_g=0, Abstract

Juliana Coelho (Univ. F. Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Title: Abel maps and Brill-Noether varieties for reducible curves, Abstract

Luca Chiantini (Univ. di Siena, Italy)
Title: Secant Varieties and Degenerate Subvarieties, Abstract   Talk

Eduardo Esteves (IMPA, Río de Janeiro, Brazil)
Title: Compactified Jacobians of curves with spine decompositions, Abstract   Talk

Javier Fernández (Inst. Balseiro, Bariloche, Argentina)
Title: Infinitesimal variations of Hodge structure at infinity, Abstract   Talk

Flaminio Flamini (Univ. di Roma II, Roma, Italy)
Title: On Hilbert schemes of scrolls of genus g, Abstract   Talk

Letterio Gatto (Politecnico di Torino, Italy)
Title: Limits of Special Weierstrass Points, Abstract

Jochen Kuttler (Univ. of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada)
Title: Automorphisms of matrix invariants and the Luna stratification, Abstract

James Lewis (Univ. of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada)
Title: The Abel-Jacobi map for higher Chow groups, Abstract   Talk

Angelo Lopez (Univ. di Roma III, Italy)
Title: On threefolds with hyperplane section an elliptic surface, Abstract   Talk

Ernesto Lupercio (CINVESTAV, D. F., México)
Title: Orbifolds and Topological Quantum Field Theories, Abstract

Laurentiu George Maxim (CUNY-Lehman, New York, USA)
Title: Equivariant genera of complex algebraic varieties, Abstract

Massimiliano Mella (Univ. di Ferrara, Italy)
Title: Tangential connection, Abstract

Marco Pacini (Univ. F. Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Title: Etale models of moduli spaces of theta characteristics, Abstract   Talk

Claudio Pedrini (Univ. di Genova, Italy)
Title: On the Chow motive of a K3 surface, Abstract

Gian Pietro Pirola (Univ. di Pavia, Italy)
Title: Uniformization by radicals, Abstract   Talk

Edoardo Sernesi (Univ. di Roma III, Italy)
Title: The curve of lines on a Fano 3-fold of genus 8, Abstract

Aron Simis (Univ. de Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil)
Title: Multiplicities of algebras associated to modules, Abstract

Alessandro Verra (Univ. di Roma III, Italy)
Title: On Prym moduli spaces of curves in low genus, Talk

D-modules session

Andrea D'Agnolo (Univ. di Padova, Italy)
Title: Morita equivalence for DQ-algebroids, Abstract

Alicia Dickenstein (Univ. de Buenos Aires and CONICET, Argentina)
Title: Binomial D-modules, Abstract   Talk

Esther Galina (Univ. de Córdoba and CONICET, Argentina)
Title: Invariant distributions and Kirillov's conjectures, Abstract

Yves Laurent (Inst. Fourier, Grenoble, France)
Title: Weighted b-functions for D-modules, Abstract

Ana Rita Martins (Univ. de Lisboa, Portugal)
Title: Temperate holomorphic solutions and regularity of holonomic D-modules on curves, Abstract   Talk

Giovanni Morando (Univ. de Lisboa, Portugal)
Title: Tempered solutions of holonomic D-modules on complex curves, Abstract   Talk

Orlando Neto (Univ. de Lisboa, Portugal)
Title: Microlocal Versal Deformations of Plane Curves, Abstract

Pietro Polesello (Univ. di Padova, Italy)
Title: Character for locally constant stacks, Abstract

Luca Prelli (Univ. di Padova, Italy)
Title: Sheaves on subanalytic sites and D-modules, Abstract

Jorge Vargas (Univ. de Córdoba and CONICET, Argentina)
Title: Branching laws for Discrete Series via Homogeneous differential operators, Abstract

Foliations session

Marco Abate (Univ. di Pisa, Italy)
Title: A Poincare-Bendixson theorem for homogeneous vector fields, Abstract

Aroldo Kaplan (Univ. de Córdoba and CONICET, Argentina)
Title: Special non-integrable systems.

Sergio Licanic (Univ. Fluminense, Niteroy, Brazil)
Title: On boundedness of families of holomorphic foliations, Abstract

Monica Manjarín (Univ. de Barcelona, Spain)
Title: Compact Kahler manifolds with non-vanishing holomorphic vector fields, Abstract

Francisco Monserrat (Univ. Politécnica de Valencia, Spain)
Title: On the algebraic integrability of a plane foliation, Abstract   Talk

Hossein Movasati (IMPA, Río de Janeiro, Brazil)
Title: Classifying space of Hodge structures and Modular foliations, Abstract

Luc Pirio (Univ. de Rennes, France)
Title: Exceptional planar webs and their associated (exceptional) surfaces, Abstract   Talk

Marcio Soares (UFMG, Belo Horizonte, Brazil)
Title: Counting hypersurfaces invariant by one-dimensional projective foliations, Abstract

Francesca Tovena (Univ. di Roma II, Italy)
Title: Foliations associated to maps tangent to the identity, Abstract

Israel Vainsencher (UFMG, Belo Horizonte, Brazil)
Title: Numbers for foliations with higher singularities, Abstract

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