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Travel and Local Information 


Travel and Local Information


How to arrive

There are international and national flights arriving to Buenos Aires, to C贸rdoba city or to Bariloche. And there are also buses connecting these points, but the distances are fairly large, especially to Bariloche.

There are various travel possibilities, depending on your particular combination of activities.

For instance, if you plan to attend only Week 2 or Week 3 it may be advisable to fly directly to C贸rdoba city or to Bariloche.

If you come to Week 1 in Buenos Aires and also to Week 2 in La Cumbre, for the trip Buenos Aires-La Cumbre, we suggest:

To Bariloche: There are flights from Buenos Aires and from C贸rdoba (connecting in Buenos Aires) to the Bariloche airport (BRC). It is also possible to travel by bus (no train), but it is a long trip.

Information on buses and online purchase of tickets: Plataforma10.

General information on Argentina

Visas: Most European and American countries will not need a visa to enter Argentina. Nevertheless notice that citizens of USA, Australia and Canada will be charged a Reciprocity fee of 100 USD upon arrival at the Airport. An updated list of visa requirements by country can be found here.

Airport information: Aeropuertos Argentina 2000. Airport codes: Buenos Aires International airport (EZE), Buenos Aires Domestic Airport (AEP), Córdoba Airport(COR), Bariloche Airport (BRC). Note that it takes around 2 hours to go from AEP to EZE (or back).

Tourist information: Official site.

Weather: In August it is Winter in Argentina. The weather conditions of Buenos Aires, C贸rdoba and Bariloche are fairly different from each other. For more details please consult your favorite weather report page.

Currency: Argentina's currency is the Argentine Peso (ARS), with notes of 2,5,10,50,and 100. Current exchange rate is Approx 1 USD = 4 ARS, 1 Euro = 6.00 ARS. Money can be freely exchanged at any bank or Money Exchange House (Casas de Cambio) operating form 10am-3pm. Dollars, Euros, Reales are accepted in most banks and in some places you can even pay in those currencies. Most debit and Credit cards can be used in any ATM (ask your bank for charges) and Shops. If you need to exchange money when you arrive, it is better to use the Banks after Customs or ATM machines (the Casas de Cambio at the airport offer bad rates) DO NOT CHANGE CURRENCY WITH UNIDENTIFIED PEOPLE. (you might be given fake notes).

Voltage, telephone and internet: Voltage is 220 V and you will probably need and adaptor as Argentine plugs are different than American and European standards. Look at type I plug here. Argentina's country telephone code is +54. Relevant area codes are

Bariloche 2944 Buenos Aires 11
Ciudad de C贸rdoba 351 La Cumbre 3548

Most Quadriband mobile phones will operate in Argentina (There are 3 companies providing service Claro, Movistar and Personal). Check with your company roaming charges or buy (for about 20 ARS) a chip of one of those companies to have a pre-paid local mobile line. Internet is widely available in Buenos Aires metropolitan area, with most cafes and restaurants providing free Wi-Fi service. There also shops (Locutorios) where you can have access to a computer, with printing services and Internet.

Further information: Wikipedia on Argentina.

You can use the following links for further information related to Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3 activities.

Last updated : July 2011