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The following is a list of the topics of interest for the Workshop.

  1. Algebraic curves and their moduli

  2. Vector bundles and their moduli

  3. Surfaces and higher dimensional varieties

  4. Classical projective geometry. Intersection theory and enumerative geometry

  5. D-modules and differential algebra

  6. Kahler geometry and generalizations. Hodge theory

  7. Complex dynamics and holomorphic foliations

  8. Automorphic forms, theta functions and modular forms

  9. Algebraic groups

  10. Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry. Elliptic curves. Abelian varieties

  11. Singularity theory

  12. Computational methods in algebraic geometry and commutative algebra

  13. Connections with combinatorics. Toric varieties. Tropical algebraic geometry

  14. Connections with theoretical physics. Mirror symmetry

  15. Applications of algebraic geometry to other sciences

Last updated : June 2011