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MatrixRepToric :: MatrixRepToric

MatrixRepToric -- A package for computing implicit equations of bigraded rational surfaces by means of approximation complexes


MatrixRepToric is a package for computing implicit equations of toric rational surfaces embedded in a projective space, by means of approximation complexes.

We provide a method for computing a matrix representation (see representationMatrix) and the implicit equation (see implicitEq ) by means of the method developed in [BDD09] and [Bot10]. As it is probably the most interesting case from a practical point of view, we restrict our computations to parametrizations from toric surfaces embedded in some projective space. This implementation allows to compute small examples for the better understanding of the theory developed in [BDD09] and [Bot10].

The aim of the present package is to provide an algorithm for computing a matrix representation for a surface in P3 parametrized over a 2-dimensional toric variety T embedded into a projective space. This algorithm follows the ideas of [BDD09] and [Bot10] and it is implemented in Macaulay2 [GS]. The authors show in [BDD09] that such a surface can be represented by a matrix of linear syzygies if the base points are finite in number and form locally a complete intersection, and in [Bot10] that this can be generalized to the case where the base locus is not necessarily a locally complete intersection, but locally an almost complete intersection. The key point consists in exploiting the sparse structure of the parametrization, which allows us to avoid non almost complete intersection points and to obtain significantly smaller matrices than in the homogeneous case. This implementation contributes to computing implicit equations for rational surfaces in P3, avoiding costly Groebner Bases methods and further, it permits to obtain matrix representations of such surfaces, which is better adapt to practical problems.


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This documentation describes version 1.4 of MatrixRepToric.

Source code

The source code from which this documentation is derived is in the file MatrixRepToric.m2.


  • Types
    • ToricEmbedding -- Embedding of a variety with ambient space A^2 in an n-dimensional projective espace.
  • Functions and commands
    • degreeImplicitEq -- computes the degree of det((Z)_nu)
    • implicitEq -- computes the gcd of the right-most map of the Z-complex in degree nu)
    • isGoodDegree -- verifies if the Euler Chrasteristric of the Z-complex is zero in the given degree
    • maxMinor -- Returns a maximal minor of the matrix of full rank.
    • newToricEmbedding -- constructs a ToricEmbedding
    • polynomialsToPolytope -- Return the convexHull of the union of the Newton polytope of all the polynomial in the list
    • representationMatrix -- computes the right-most map of the Z-complex in degree nu)
    • teGetPolytope -- returns the Polytope associated to the ToricEmbedding
    • teLatticePotintsFromHomothethicPolytope -- Returns the list of coordinates of N based on the smallest homothety of P containing N.
    • teToricRationalMap -- Computes the rational map G defined by {f0,f1,f2,f3} over the toric coordinate ring associated to a polytope P
    • teToricRing -- Returns the coordinate ring of the toric variety
  • Methods
    • net(ToricEmbedding) -- Defines the new type ToricEmbedding
    • teGetPolytope(ToricEmbedding), see teGetPolytope -- returns the Polytope associated to the ToricEmbedding
    • teToricRing(ToricEmbedding), see teToricRing -- Returns the coordinate ring of the toric variety