Computational Harmonic Analysis @ FoCM'14

Workshop A2
December 11 - 13, 2014
Montevideo, Uruguay


Sung Ha Kang
Ursula Molter
Jared Tanner
  Georgia Institute of Technology  
  Universidad de Buenos Aires  
  University of Oxford  
United Kingdom

The workshop is part of the triennial FoCM conference series, organized by the Society for Foundations of Computational Mathematics held in Montevideo, Uruguay from
December 11-20 2014.

"At the workshop we wish to discuss recent advances in fundamental image and signal processing. The conference as a whole should provide several other areas of interest for participants of the Image and Signal Processing workshop, including many of the plenary talks."

Invited Speakers

Links to the talks (or references)

Andres Almansa Texture aware video inpainting of complex scenes. Link to page  Abstract
Marcelo Bertalmío Color Stabilization Along Time and Across Shots of the Same Scene, for One or Several Cameras of Unknown Specifications. Link to paper  Abstract
Carlos Cabrelli Dynamical Sampling. Link to presentation  Abstract
Mark Davenport Matrix recovery from coarse observations. Link to presentation  Abstract
Marcelo Fiori Recent algorithmic and theoretical advances on graph matching. Link to presentation Some related papers: 1   2   3  Abstract
Mathew Hirn High dimensional learning rather than computing in quantum chemistry. Link to presentation  Abstract
Myung-Sin Song Orthonormal Bases Generated by Cuntz Algebras. Link to presentation  Abstract
Rachel Ward Weighted sparsity for function approximation and interpolation. Link to presentation  Abstract

Schedule and talk abstracts:

Time Thursday, Dec. 11. Friday, Dec. 12. Saturday, Dec 13.
2:30 - 2:55 Justin Romberg Carlos Cabrelli Marcelo Bertalmío
3:00 - 3:25 Patrick Flandrin Pablo Sprechman
3:30 - 3:55 Shai Dekel Mathew Hirn Albert Cohen
4:00 - 4:25 Mila Nikolova Götz Pfander
4:30 - 5:00 Coffee Break
5:00 - 5:25 Pablo Muse Massimo Fornassier Andres Almansa
5:30 - 5:55 Stacey Levine Antoni Buades
6:00 - 6:25 Marcelo Fiori Rachel Ward Rongrong Wang
6:30 - 6:55 Mark Davenport Myung-Sin Song
7:00 - 7:25   Social Event


Related plenary talks: Yi Ma  and  Pencho Petruchev

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