Mar del Plata - Argentina - March 17th-20th, 2009

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Daniel Abud
Theory of affine shells: invariant estimates
Laura Aragone
Looking for the numerical solution of a variational problem related to the infinity Laplacian
Maria Soledad Aronna
Second order conditions in optimal singular control problems. Applications
Pablo Azcue
Maximizing survival probability of an Insurance Company: A free-boundary problem
Matteo Bonforte
Positivity, local smoothing effects and Harnack inequality for a very fast diffusion equation
Carolina Cappato
Reaction diffusion equations with delay
Pedro Pablo Cardenas Alzate
An iterative method for a nonlinear two-point boundary value problem
Leandro Del Pezzo
Some optimization problems for p-Laplacian type equations
Irene Drelichman
Radial solutions of Hamiltonian elliptic system with weights
Pablo Figueroa
Singular limits arising in periodic Chern-Simons vortices
Alberto Forero Poveda
Blow-up for a discrete nonlinear problem with non-local diffusion
Adriana Gonzalez
Anaerobiosis in saturated soil aggregates
Przemyslaw Gorka
Evolution of polyhedral crystal
Pablo Groisman
Time-space white noise eliminates global solutions in reaction-diffusion problems
Fernando Lopez Garcia
Korn inequality and divergence problems on domains with a cusp
Manuel Maurette
An extension of a Nirenberg result applied to the 2-body problem
Fernando Mazzone
Sobolev interior regularity for weak solutions of quasilinear degenerate elliptic equations
Juan Pablo Pinasco
Lyapunov inequalities in Rn
Ariel Salort
Refined asymptotics for eigenvalues of the p-Laplace operator in one space dimendion
Analia Silva
Multiple solutions for the p-Laplace operator with critical growth
Yannick Sire
Flatness results for elliptic problems on manifolds and of non local types
Jinggang Tan
Nonlinear problems involving the square root of the laplacian
Joana Terra
Qualitative properties of saddle solutions to bistable diffusion equations
Carlos Velez
A priori estimates of signed-solutions for nonlinear elliptic problems and ap- plications