ICM Satellite Conference on K-theory

        and Noncommutative  Geometry.



The International Conference on K-theory and Noncommutative Geometry,
VASBI (Valladolid SBI)  took place from
August 31 through September 6 of 2006
at the University of Valladolid, Spain. The conference was an official Satellite of
Madrid ICM. Click here for a list of participants, and here for a link to the conference’s

photo album.


Poster (Español)


Local Organizer: Guillermo Cortiñas (Valladolid)


Scientífic Committee: Joachim Cuntz (Münster), Max Karoubi (Paris VII),

Ryszard Nest (Copenhagen),  Charles Weibel  (Rutgers).


Local Committee: Natalia Abad, Eugenia Ellis.


Program: included Proposed and Invited Talks, and Courses for students.

Click here for a list of titles and abstracts. The schedule is divided in two pdfs,

linked here and here. The list of speakers contains links to websites where notes

related to their talks may be found.



 Invited Talks

P. Balmer (Zurich)

S. Gille (München)

V. Ginzburg (Chicago)

A. Gorokhovsky (Boulder)

M. Kontsevich (IHES)

M. Levine (Northeastern)

A. Neeman (Canberra)

W. Lück  (Münster)

R. Meyer    (Göttingen)

A. Thom (Göttingen)

C. Voigt  (Münster)

M. Wodzicki (Berkeley)



J. Cuntz (Münster)

Cyclic Homology

B. Keller (Paris VII)


DG-Categories (Lectures 1, 2, 3.)

B. Tsygan (Northwestern)

Noncommutative geometry, characteristic classes and Higher Riemann-Roch theorems

C. Weibel (Rutgers)

Motivic Cohomology.




M. Anton (Kentucky)

G. Banaszak (Posnan)

U.  Bunke (Göttingen)

L. Cagliero (FAMAF, Córdoba)

P. Carrillo (Jussieu)

G. Cortiñas (Valladolid)

M. Fuchs (Luminy)

I. Gálvez (London)

G. Garkusha (Manchester)

J.J. Guccione (Buenos Aires)

F. Muro (MPIM, Bonn)

W. Werner (Münster)


Proceedings: K-theory and noncommutative geometry.

Edited by G. Cortiñas, J. Cuntz, M. Karoubi, R. Nest and C.A. Weibel.

European Mathematical Society, Zürich, 2008. ISBN 978-3-03719-060-9