Minicurso sobre Estructura y dinamica de redes de reacciones quimicas, Prof. G. Craciun

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Del 19 al 31 de mayo visitara el departamento de matematica (FCEN, UBA), Gheorghe Craciun, que es assistant Professor en el Department of Mathematics y en el Department of Biomolecular Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. Su area de trabajo es sobre metodos matematicos y computacionales en biologia y medicina.

Craciun dara un minicurso de 3 clases de dos horas en la semana del 19 al 23 de mayo, en el marco del subproyecto de Matematica y Biologia del PAV 120/03.

Horarios y aulas (pueden correrse una hora):

Lunes 19 de mayo: 14 a 16 hs, Aula E 24, Pab. I

Martes 20 de mayo: 14 a 16 hs, Aula 11 o Aula de seminario de matematica, Pab. I

Jueves 22 de mayo: 14 a 16 hs, Aula E 24, Pab. I.

Titulo:  Estructura y dinamica de redes de reacciones quimicas

 General Description:

 Chemical reaction network models give rise to polynomial dynamical systems that are usually high dimensional, nonlinear, and have many  unknown parameters. Due to the presence of these unknown parameters (such  as reaction rate constants) direct numerical simulation of the chemical dynamics is practically impossible. On the other hand, we will show that  important properties of these systems are determined only by the network structure, and do not depend on the unknown parameters. Also, we will show how some of these results can be generalized to systems of  polynomial equations that are not necessarily derived from chemical  kinetics. In particular, we will point out connections with classical problems in algebraic geometry, such as the real Jacobian conjecture.


 1. Introduction to the deficiency theory of Feinberg, Horn, and Jackson.
 2. The Species-Reaction graph and multiple equilibria for chemical  reaction network dynamics.
 3. Weakly reversible reaction networks and the global attractor conjecture.


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