X Americas - Buenos Aires, 2015 Buenos Aires

The X Americas Conference on  Differential Equations and Nonlinear Analysis will take place at the University of Buenos Aires, School of Economics, Pres. Uriburu  795, February 9 to 20, 2015.

This conference is a sequel of the Americas Conference on Differential Equations and Nonlinear Analysis series that started in 1994 with a meeting in Taxco, Mexico and has held meetings on a regular basis ever since: Sao Paulo, Brazil 1996, Atlanta, USA 1998, Merida, Venezuela 2000, Edmonton, Canada 2002, Santiago, Chile 2005, Cartagena, Colombia 2007, Veracruz, Mexico 2009 and Trujillo, Peru 2012. This is the first time this meeting will take place in Argentina.

During the first week there will be 5 mini courses of 4 hours each. During the second week there will be 18 plenary lectures, 6 focus sessions, contributed talks and a poster session. Tuesday afternoon in the second week will be free for informal discussions.

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