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Well... I'm interested in many other things... as tango, literature, cookings, languages, painting, politics and history...



Here there is a list of conferences or seminars that involve me in some way:


[2] XXII Encuentro Rioplatense de Álgebra y Geometría - 3rd to 6th December 2012 - Buenos Aires, Argentina. http://gris.dm.uba.ar/erag/ (I organize)

[1] XXI Encuentro Rioplatense de Álgebra y Geometría - 5th to 9th December 2011 - Montevideo, Uruguay. http://www.cmat.edu.uy/erag (I organize)


Seminario de Teoría de Eliminación - FCEN, UBA. http://mate.dm.uba.ar/~nbotbol/STE.html/ (I organize)

Seminario de Geometria Algebraica - FCEN, UBA. http://cms.dm.uba.ar/actividades/seminarios/sga/ (I participate)



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