Probability in Buenos Aires : CIMPA school and Satellite event of ICM at Rio

360⁰ Panorama of Plaza de Mayo. Picture Source:

Geometry and scaling of random structures

Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 15 to 27, 2018.


This two-weeks graduate school aims primarly at presenting frontier topics in Probability Theory. Each week, three courses and several lectures in related research topics are presented.

Courses Week I

Amine Asselah, Paris
Hydrophobic Polymer

Christophe Garban, Lyon
Liouville quantum gravity and multiplicative Chaos theory

Claudio Landim, IMPA
Metastability of conservative systems

Courses Week II

Milton Jara, IMPA
Non-equilibrium fluctuations of interacting particle systems

Jason Miller, Cambridge
Continuum Gaussian free field and Liouville quantum gravity

Perla Sousi, Cambridge
Transient Random Walks

Scientific comittee

Pablo A. Ferrari, UBA

Claudio Landim, Impa

Alejandro Ramirez, PUC Chile

Cristina Toninelli, Paris Diderot

Ofer Zeitouni, Rehovot, New York


Amine Asselah, Paris

Pablo A. Ferrari, UBA


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