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3era Escuela de Invierno Luis Santaló-CIMPA Research School

Practical Information

How to get from Ezeiza Airport (also called Ministro Pistarini) to the Hotel

In Ezeiza, after you pass customs, a sliding door opens, and you will see counters to your left and right, where a variety of services is offered.

One of this is Tienda León ; you may hire your taxi there. It costs about 180 pesos argentinos (aprox. 45 US$, or 36 euros). You must pay in advance, cash (in pesos argentinos, but you can ask if they accept other currency) or simply with credit card.

There are other companies, also without a desk. For instance, Omega Transfer is one of them. In this company, transfers must be coordinated in advance: write an email to indicating your name and flight number and also saying that you are going to the Math Congress at UBA. Then a driver with a poster with your name will pick you up at the airport. The trip is about 120 pesos (+ tip for the driver). You must pay cash with pesos argentinos or US dollars.

How to get to the School

By Bus

Bus number 107 stops at the corner of Blanco Encalada st. with Cabildo Ave. Tickets cost around 1.25 pesos which must be deposited in the ticketing machine, wich ONLY accepts coins.

The trip takes about 20 minutes and the School stop is the first after you cross Illia highway (the only highway in the trip). Get off the bus right after it enters the University campus. Lectures are in "Pabellón I".

By foot

There are two pedestrian bridges that connect Ciudad Universitaria with the rest of the city. One is over Scalabrini Ortiz train station, and the other is close to River Plate soccer stadium. For possible walks, see the blue lines in the map. The way should take about 35-45 minutes.

By taxi

If you go by taxi, we recommend you to ask for one at the hotel, and not to take a taxi on the street.


If you look for a restaurant guide, Guia Oleo is quite complete, you can do searchs by zones (e.g. "Belgrano", where Hotels Sarum and Sures are located).

Note that some web addresses can't be reached from the University network (they are blocked); Guia Oleo is one of those addresses. However you should have no difficulty reaching their page from the hotel or any other public location outside the University network.

Recoleta's walk with Willie and Lisi

The meeting point is IGLESIA DEL PILAR, 3 PM.

This is a colonial church (one of the oldest in Buenos Aires) just by the side of (the main entrence of) Recoleta's Cemetry.

One can get there by bus 60, from Cabildo Avenue (running in the same direction as when you go to take the bus to the School). You have to get aout of the bus at (Avenida) "Pueyrredon y las Heras" (pou ai RRR eh don y las eh ras), about 20 or 30 minutes trip.

If you take the subway, line D from Congreso de tucuman, until "Pueyrredon". Then walk through Pueyrredon avenue until Las Heras avenue (10 blocks aprox.).

If you continue walking on Pueyrredon avenue (going down), the first street after Las Heras avenue, turn to your right. After a minute you will see a long wall: that's the back part of the cemetry. If you imagine the cemetry as a disk, walk arount its boundary anti-clockwise (looking the disk from the sky!). You will find the main entrance, and after that, the church.

In case you are lost, ask for Recoleta's Cemetry.

Other turistic information

Official Buenos Aires's city web page:

In particular go to: ---> CULTURA ---> BARES NOTABLES

City Bus:ístico

Area map

Ciudad Universitaria is located in the top-right direction, next to the river; please zoom out of the map if you wish to view it.

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