“Algebraic Geometry, D-modules, Foliations
and their interactions”

21 - 26 July, 2008 - Buenos Aires, Argentina


Universidad de Buenos Aires
Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales
Ciudad Universitaria

Building: Pabellón 1.
Rooms: Aula Magna, Aula 8 and Aula 9. Administration: Aula 14.

How to get there

Scientific Program

Morning plenary talks:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
To be announced.

Afternoon sessions:
AG: Algebraic Geometry. Coordinator: Ciro Ciliberto.
D: D-modules. Coordinator: Teresa Monteiro Fernandes.
F: Foliations. Coordinator: Jorge Vitório Pereira.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
Monday: AG and D
Tuesday: AG and F
Thursday: D and F
Friday: AG, D and F

09:00 - 09:50   plenary talk
09:50 - 10:10   coffee break
10:10 - 11:00   plenary talk
11:00 - 11:20   coffee break
11:20 - 12:10   plenary talk
12:10 - 14:00   lunch
14:00 - 18:30   SESSIONS (40 minutes talks)

Program of talks: to be announced

Titles and Abstracts: to be announced

Other activities:
Free afternoon: Wednesday.
Conference dinner: Thursday.
Conference ending lunch: Saturday.

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